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Year 6

Welcome to the Spring Term in Year 6


Our themes for this term are:



This will involve researching information on mountain ranges to understand how they were formed and the important role they play in our society.



For this unit our learning will be based around the impact the Tudors had on our exploration of the 'New World' and of course the gory punishments they served to unfortunate members of the public!



Key concepts being taught this term:



In the first term, we will write a flashback story based on the knowledge that the children have acquired from our World War II topic.. In the second term, we will write a persuasive article linked to mountains and their potential to provide renewable energy.




Decimals – children will read and write decimal numbers and understand the value of each digit. They will also multiply and divide decimal numbers up to three decimal places.

Percentages – children will learn to convert fractions and decimals to their percentage equivalents to enable them to order and compare. They will then use this knowledge to find a percentage of an amount.

Algebra - Children are introduced to conventions that we use when writing algebraic expressions e.g. y x 4 as 4y. They also use simple formulae to work out values of everyday activities such as the cost of a taxi or the amount of medicine to take given a person's age.

Measurement - Children will read, write and recognise all metric measures for length, mass and capacity. Children will also calculate the area and perimeter of rectilinear and triangular shapes.

Ratio - Children will understand that a ratio shows the relationship between two values and can describe how one is related to the other. 



Evolution - Children will recognise that plants and living things change over time to adapt to their environment therefore leading to evolution.



Children will appraise the work of Mendelssohn and further develop their skills of improvisation and composition.



Children will create a PowerPoint from their topic knowledge which will include hyperlinks to relevant sources.


Design and Technology

Children will use materials to construct a 3D model related to mountains.


P.E and Games

In P.E, we will complete a unit on both Dance and Yoga. Whilst in games, we will complete our intra-house competition for Tag-Rugby before moving on to cricket/rounders.



Judaism – Children will make connections between Jewish beliefs and explain how and why they are important to Jewish people today.

They will consider and weigh up the values of traditions, rituals, communities and worship in the lives of Jews today, and articulate responses on how far they are valuable to people who are not Jewish.



In the first term, the children will continue to gain an understanding of people’s similarities and differences.

In the second term, children will be encouraged to set realistic goals for their future and to think about the steps needed to reach this goal.



Children will learn to talk about their opinions in their everyday life. They will use their vocabulary to describe their own homes and bedrooms. We will also read familiar fairy tales in French. 


Our P.E. days are on: Tuesday and Thursday until further notice. Please make sure your child has their PE kit on these days. They can bring in trainers and a tracksuit for our Tuesday outdoor sessions. 


Homework is given out on Thursday to be collected in on a Tuesday.


Spellings are given out on a Thursday and tested on the following Thursday.


Please remember to provide your child with a water bottle every day.


The Year 6 teaching team consists of:


Mrs Perkin, Mrs Roberts, Mrs Dowsett, Mrs Tyers & Mr Thomson

Mrs Turner, Mrs Pearson Mrs Smith, Miss Smith.

Important Start of Year Information for Year 6 Parents