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At Leigham, we are committed to provide provision for all special educational needs. This could include cognition difficulties, social and emotional needs, physical needs (including sensory issues) and communication needs (including ASD or speech clarity).

Below, is a quick overview of what Special Educational Needs provision looks like at Leigham Primary School.


The attached PDF file below will allow you to see a larger view of this diagram.


SEND in a Nutshell for Leigham Primary School

OAP Launch Date for Parents

OAP Launch Date for Parents

CDC Neurodiversity Helpline

CAMHS Neurodiversity Wellbeing Hub

Plymouth Parent Carer Voice



Do you have a child or young person with SEND?


After the recent OFSTED inspection of Plymouth SEND services, Plymouth Parent Carer Voice (PPCV) and Plymouth City Council (PCC) are looking for feedback from families to see if there have been any changes since the last inspection.


Regardless of whether or not your child or young person has an EHCP, please consider taking part in the online survey - it will only take 5 minutes.


Copy and paste this address into your browser and select the survey that applies to you:


Our website may be of interest to parents and carers; we have a members area where parents and carers can sign up free of charge and access webinars, additional information, and also our Lending Library where members can hire various sensory items for a small weekly fee.

Click on the PDF below to read our SEN Newsletter about ADHD.


Summer Term Workshops by PIASS

Parent Comments


Leigham Primary School has been an amazing experience for my son. All the staff were extremely friendly and helpful and assisted with all aspects of support, ensuring that his SEN needs were met. He was so happy there that he didn’t want to leave!

The SENCO (Mrs Perkin) is fantastic and very supportive, which gave my son the best chance to flourish within a mainstream environment. I can’t recommend Leigham highly enough - best school ever!


Mrs Alana Mitchell



This is an email to express how well Leigham Primary School SEN staff did. My son had SEN support all through his time at primary school which has helped support him in his learning and confidence in a school environment. I have been very pleased with the care SEN has given myself and my son and would advise anyone how well Leigham Primary School SEN staff treat their pupils.


Thank you

Miss Amanda Isaacs

SEN Newsletter about ADHD

Mental Health and Wellbeing Parent Newsletters

Free Emotional Health Training

Parent Advice Line

Early Help Advice Line for Parents

Useful Contacts to support with Children's Mental Health

Download this HANDI App

Adult Mental Wellbeing Poster

Website, telephone number and e-mail address to support mental wellbeing for you and your family.


Parenting Courses

Incredible Years

Incredible Years is an internationally recognised Parenting Programme that has been shown to work in Plymouth for a wide range of families. The Incredible Years programme is divided into various age groups and designed for parents of babies, toddlers, pre-school and primary school age children.

Apply for Incredible Years Course

Plymouth Information, Advice and Support for SEND offer Incredible Years parenting courses at various venues across the city for the following age groups:

If you would like to ask any questions about our Incredible Years Parenting Programmes, please call: 01752 258933.

Alternatively you can email us at:


Strengthening Families 10-14 UK

Strengthening Families 10-14 UK is an internationally recognised programme that has been shown to work in Plymouth for a wide range of families. It is designed for parents and young people aged 10 to 14 years.

If you would like to ask any questions about our Strengthening Families Programme, please call: 01752 258933.

Alternatively you can email us at:

Leigham Primary School has high ambitions for all its pupils and expects them to participate and achieve in every aspect of school life. Our commitment to equal opportunities is an important aspect of our overall resolution to be a fully inclusive school.


Leigham Primary School aims to:

  • set suitable learning challenges;

  • respond to pupils' diverse needs and

  • overcome potential barriers to learning for individuals and groups of pupils.


Every member of staff shares the responsibility to remove barriers to learning for all pupils - including those with a disability.


We are committed to offering an inclusive curriculum to ensure the best possible progress for all our pupils whatever their needs or abilities.



Special Needs Co-ordinator contact details:


Name: Mrs Suzanne Perkin

Telephone: 01752 790990



For details on any policies including Equality see our policies page.


Useful Websites and Organisations