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Year 1

Welcome to Year 1




Teachers: Miss Bellerby and Mrs Lander Stow


Teaching Assistants: Mrs Harrison, Mrs Biggs and Mrs Batteson


Higher Level Teaching Assistant: Mrs Outtram


Summer Term


Our topic this term is

Hot and Cold


We will be finding out lots about our school's history. We will explore and discuss the significant event that happened at Leigham Schools in 1997. We will also make comparisons, looking at similarities and differences with our school now. In 1666 there was also a significant event that happened in our capital city. We will look at the impact of the Great Fire of London and discuss how the development of the fire brigade helped our school's community in their time of need.



- Recognise and identify phonic sounds

- Read and write sentences and common exception words

-Punctuate sentences with a capital letter and full stop, question mark or exclamation mark

- Use suffixes such as -er, -est, -ed and -ing

- Use the suffixes -s and -es for plurals 

- Use the prefix un- to mean the opposite

- Write captions and sentences dictated

- Create poems



- Know number pairs to 10 and then 20

- Count in 2s, 5s and 10s

- Multiply sets (group size multiplied by the number of groups)

- Explore division and sharing out amounts

- Represent multiplication and division using objects and jottings

- Look at how arrays can support with multiplication and division

- Simple fractions



- Exploring light and sound

- Create an electrical circuit



- Discover facts about our school's history

- Make comparisons with our school in the past

- Explore the significance of The Great Fire of London

- Discuss the impact of the events



- Data Handling

- Create charts and graphs to show information

- Use technology to collate information

- E-Safety



- Explore structures of buildings

- Design, make and evaluate a selection of structures



- Fundamental Skills



- What does it mean to belong to a faith community?



- Relationships


P.E. will be on a Tuesday and a Wednesday. Please ensure your child's kit is named and in school and that earrings are removed on these days. 




Important Start of Year Information for Year 1 Parents