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Year 1

Welcome to Year 1




Teachers: Miss Bellerby and Mrs Lander Stow


Teaching Assistants: Miss Dott, Miss Johnson and Mrs Burgess


Summer Term


This term, our topic will be:



We will use this topic as the basis of our learning. We will be thinking about animal groups and the habitats that they live in. We will also look at the different parts of the world where they can be found. 



- Punctuate sentences with capital letters, full stops, question and exclamation marks

- Write sentences that can be read by themselves and others

- Use prefixes and suffixes such as un, er, est, ed and ing

- Use and apply phonics knowledge when reading and writing

- Respond to comprehension questions about what they have heard or read




- Count in multiples of 2s 5s and 10s

- Represent multiplication by creating equal groups

- Begin to multiply starting with the group size and the number of groups

- Explore arrays

- Double and half numbers and sets

- Explore fractions by finding halves and quarters. 

- Counting forwards and backwards to 100

- Say one more and one less than any number to 100


- Describe turns and directions


- Tell the time to 'o'clock' and half past

- Sequence events by time, day, month, year

- Recognise and count coins and notes



- Animals 

- Electricity



- Drawing using shapes and lines, exploring tones and textures

- Exploring colour and texture of paint

- Use tools to model clay



- Significant people from the past (including explorers)

- My History



- Human and physical features

- Different environments across the world



- Tempo and dynamics

- Structure and pitch



- E-safety and keeping safe online

- How technology can help us

- Exploring data handling through Purple Mash and 2Simple


Design and Technology

- Design, make and evaluate an aquarium



- Games and Dance



- Relationships

- Changing Me-The children will be taught age-appropriate puberty and sex education over the course of this unit. Please contact the office if you would like your child to be withdrawn from the sex education element of the unit. 



- Judaism 'Who is Jewish and how do they live?'

- What does it mean to belong to a faith community? 


Our PE days will be a Monday and a Wednesday.

Please ensure that earrings have been removed. 



Home Learning Challenge