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Phoenix Club

Welcome to the Phoenix Clubs.


We are situated in the grounds of Leigham Primary School.

Registration/Booking and Payments

A registration form must be completed for each child.
You can book and pay for your child into any of the Phoenix clubs through our new  booking system for the Phoenix Clubs. All payments for fees must be made and paid for in advance via school money.  
Please note the need to book and pay in advance.  Late bookings may not be guaranteed a space. 
All cancellations are non-refundable.

If your child does not attend Leigham Primary School please contact us on: 07888123970 who will ask for: child's name, parent's name, mobile number and email address. They will then set you up on the system.

If you have any queries please do not hesitate in contacting us.

Telephone Numbers

Phoenix Club mobile: 07888123970

Leigham Primary     : 01752 790990

Staff Ratios

We work to a 1:8 staff:pupil ratio for all ages.


We have been Ofsted inspected.  The report is available to read on request.

Our registration number is 879/2730



Leigham Phoenix Out of School Clubs


We operate a booking system for our scheme and accept children on a first come first served basis. Children who have specific needs are asked to contact us as early as possible in order that we can make any necessary arrangements to provide appropriate support.


Our setting is open to all children aged between 3-11 years years old.  Please speak a member of staff about inclusion for your child.