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Foundation Stage 2

Welcome to Foundation


Teachers: Mrs Callicott and Miss Foster

Teaching Assistants: Mrs Ieronymakis (Mrs I) Mrs Harrison, and Miss Milden

Apprentice Teaching Assistants: Miss Hick and Miss Willson


Observation Groups

We have completed a full observation cycle this term and will now be focusing on children who have ongoing targets.

All children will still be taking part in maths and phonics everyday and we will continue to complete a weekly write.

We will be working with small groups of children on any areas we feel we can help them to progress in readiness for year one.

Summer Term

Focus for the term is Travelling.


We hope you and your children had an enjoyable half time and they are well rested and ready to return to learning.


Our topic for this term is Travelling. We will begin by looking at Plymouth and the amazing places we have around us such as the Hoe and the Barbican. We will then looking at travelling to other countries and what things are the same and different about them.


We will begin to prepare the children for their travel through the school on their own learning journey into Year One. We will think about all they have achieved, and how much they have grown and learnt since they started in Foundation.


We will be continuing with the whole class maths and phonics groups and really focusing on developing the skills and vocabulary they have already learnt. This term the children will continue to use all their phonic knowledge in their weekly writing.


In order to support your children it is important they continue to regularly practise their reading skills. Please remember that this does not have to be a whole book but can be a few pages or some of the phonic activities we provided in the pack. It is also really beneficial for them to hear stories being read to them as it helps to develop their imagination and vocabulary. Please continue to record any reading they do or stories you read to them in their reading record.


Please continue to develop their mathematical vocabulary during every day routines, e.g. talking about capacity at bath time or timing how long it takes them to get dressed for school. The vocabulary sheet we provided in your resource pack will contain the words we will be using in school.


Observations on Tapestry


We would love to know what the children are getting up to, e.g. outside clubs and achievements. Please continue to add your child's photographs, observations and achievements to Tapestry. Feel free to comment on any of the observations or targets.



This term we will focusing on

Communication and Langugae (CL) – developing our skills in conversation through Oracy sessions. Children will practise listening to one another and responding appropriately to the conversation that develops.

Physical Development (PD) – there will now be an increased focus on correct formation of letters. Children will continue to work on their letter formation as we continue writing in our writing books every week. The children will continue to take part in regular PE sessions, ‘Wake and Shake’ and Yoga.

Literacy (L) – we will continue writing each week in our writing books. Children will be encouraged to independently use their phonic knowledge to write words, captions and sentences. Children will also continue to read to a practitioner and take part in some guided read sessions.

Mathematics (M) – we will continue to work on consistent numeral recognition to 20. Children will consolidate their understanding of one and one less. They will also continue to explore addition, subtraction, doubling and halving We will carry on exploring the concepts of height, length, weight and time and using the correct vocabulary.

Understanding the World (UW) – we will continue to explore the world around us through various stories and topics. The children have the chance to talk about their own families and experiences using the photographs uploaded to Tapestry.

Expressive Arts and Design (EAD) – continuing to develop the skills needed to design, draw and create pictures and models. Through various role play provocations the children can use their imaginations to recreate real and fictional situations and stories.


Please read with your child at least three times a week. Don’t forget to sign the reading record!


P.E. will be on a Friday. Please note that we are unable to remove or tape earrings. Please remove earrings before your child comes to school. If your has earrings in they will NOT be able to take part in PE.




Sharing a Book

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Articulation of Phonemes

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