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Foundation Stage 2

Welcome to Foundation


Teachers: Mrs Callicott and Miss Foster


Teaching Assistants: Mrs Ieronymakis (Mrs I), Miss Milden and Mrs Burgess


Higher Level Teaching Assistant: Mrs Outtram


Apprentice Teaching Assistants: Miss Hick


This week we are observing Strawberry group. It will be their turn for 'Show & Tell' on Friday.

Welcome to the start of an exciting
Learning Journey...

We are very much looking forward to meeting all of the children as they embark on their own Learning Journey! This will be an exciting and challenging term for the children as they begin to form friendships, settle into new routines and access plenty of practical, fun and memorable learning experiences both indoors and out.


When we come to visit your home, we will have the chance to talk about your child and answer any questions you may have. It will provide us with an opportunity to chat to your child and for us to get to know them better, finding out about all of the things that they love! We can then create stimulating and engaging activities throughout our year in Foundation Stage Two.


Our over-arching statement for the Autumn term will be

Lights, Camera, Action!

Over the term, we aim to explore two questions…

Does everyone have a pet at home?

Why does it burn?


Using some carefully selected well-known stories, the children will explore their ‘uniqueness’ while developing an appreciation for other people. We know that children are more likely to engage with their learning if presented with meaningful contexts and a keen interest in the subject matter. Therefore, staff remain open on the path we take to explore new concepts and skills.


Key statements for this term: 


Communication and Language (CL)

Learn new vocabulary (Reception)

Engage in storytime (Reception)

Learn rhymes, poems and songs (Reception)

Develop social phrases (Reception)


Personal, Social and Emotional Development (PSED)

See themselves as a valuable individual (Reception)

Manage their own needs; Personal hygiene (Reception)


Physical Development (PD)

Revise and refine the fundamental movement skills they have already acquired; rolling, crawling, walking, jumping, running, hopping, skipping, climbing (Reception)

Confidently and safely use a range of large and small apparatus indoors and outside, alone and in a group (Reception)


Mathematics (M)

Subitise (Reception)

Continue, copy and create repeating patterns (Reception)

Count objects, actions and sounds (Reception)


Literacy (L)

Read individual letters by saying the sounds for them (Reception)


Understanding the World (UW)

Name and describe people who are familiar to them (Reception)

Talk about members of their immediate family and community (Reception)

Compare and contrast characters from stories, including figures from the past (Reception)


Expressive Arts and Design (EAD)

Develop storylines in their pretend play (Reception)


You should now have received details, via email, about logging onto Tapestry. Tapestry is an excellent platform for sharing learning from home and in the nursery.



Staff are always willing to discuss ways in which you can help your child at home. Feel free to ask if you are in need of some inspiration or ideas about a certain area of learning!



PE takes place on a Friday. If your child has their ears pierced please ensure earrings are removed in the morning before school.




Don't forget book bags are needed EVERY DAY.


If your child wants the opportunity to become the 'Reading Champion', please record any books you look at together in their red reading record. For each read that is recorded during the week your child will receive a raffle ticket. These then get placed into a pot and a ticket picked out at random to be the 'Reading Champion'. Therefore the more reads recorded the more chances your child has to win.


Staff are always willing to discuss ways in which you can help your child at home. Feel free to ask if you are in need of some inspiration or ideas about a certain area of learning!



Sharing a Book

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Articulation of Phonemes

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