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Introducing our new topic on National Parks with research on Dartmoor!

Active Maths Fun! Finding equivalent decimals, fractions and percentages.

Investigating Irreversible Reactions!

This week, Year 5 played 'The Floor is Lava' en masse. We had to work as a team to traverse the hall without touching the floor; it was plenty of fun, but posed a real challenge too!!


BOOK WEEK 2022, Monday (part 2): We received some intriguing visitors. A Bug's Life brought with them some marvellous creatures for us to meet and hold. We especially loved the lizards and snakes; they gave us some wonderful ideas for our own dragons, inspired by the book 'Tell Me a Dragon' by Jackie Morris.

BOOK WEEK 2022, Monday: Today, Year 5 learned of a strange guest to our school: a dragon had laid eggs on our playground! We used our orienteering skills and detective work to track down the eggs.

Eco-warriors! This week, we battled the elements and tested out different flood defences to protect local towns from flooding due to climate change. We tried out both natural and man-made materials and discovered that sandbags did a good job of absorbing the moisture, while planting in the area could help the soil absorb the water while also making habitat for wildlife and looking beautiful.

Agile arithmetic! This week, we exhausted both our brains and our bodies with some multiplication circuit training. In science, we explored the properties of different materials, testing them for: magnetism, permeability, hardness, transparency and flexibility. We also learnt how to take care of our local area in a 'Clean Our Patch' workshop, where we got to examine some pesky microplastics.

Festive fun! This week, we designed and baked our own festive bread in DT. We also had a great time dancing and playing games in our Christmas party.

Dancing Fun! This week, we performed our end of unit dance to our year group peers!

Making A Splash! Water Resistance Experiment!

Experimenting the effect of air resistance on a parachute.

Netball Fun! Year 5 had lots of fun competing in an intra-house competition.

Villainous Vikings! This week, we interviewed Vikings for our newspaper reports!

Batik Art Fun! The children really enjoyed learning how to make batik art and created their own ocean inspired work!

Documentary Makers! We had fun producing a documentary to compare the life cycles of different animals.

Water Cycle Observational Experiment and some Super Drama Performances!

Dissecting Plants! This week we dissected flowers to discover how plants reproduce.

Active Maths Fun! Working together to solve addition and subtraction challenges.