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Miss O’Carroll’s Keepie Uppie challenge.

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I think I managed around 28. Try and beat me!

For Science Week, the children investigated the number of fungiform papillae (pink bumps on tongue containing taste buds) by using blue food colouring and magnifying glasses. We have a lot of supertasters in Year 5 (more than 11 in the space of a 0.5cm squared).

Year 5 went to a Fusion Day at Tor Bridge High. They experienced what it would be like to be secondary school pupils by participating in a range of lessons.

As part of our Ocean Connections project, we visited Living Coasts this week. We had a fantastic time learning about the various animals and the children represented the school excellently.

This week, we had a visit from students at the University of Plymouth who were running a robotics session. The children worked in teams to complete various programming challenges.

This week we had a visit from employees of Princess Yachts. They taught the children key skills involved in boat-buiulding, from measuring to drilling. The children managed to produce an excellent boat hull.

Synogogue Visit - The children learnt a tremendous amount Judasim. The session was highly interactive and engaging. The children were fantastic ambassadors of our school.

02.12.19 - Fir's Bedroom Book Box is ready for its first home visit!

02.12.19 - Fir's Bedroom Book Box is ready for its first home visit!  1

After completing their retelling of the myth, George and the Dragon, Elm and Fir shared their story with a friend in the next door classroom. It was such a pleasure to watch the children listen so intently to the work of their peers. A personal best was awarded to all.

This week, everyone in Fir class handed their homework in on time. As a treat, they were invited to wear slippers for the day. What a treat!

In PE, we worked incredibly hard to learn choreography to Lion King's 'I Just Can't Wait to be King'. Perhaps we can share our dance with you some day soon!

In Science this week we were exploring the effects of gravity. We used Newton Metres to measure the weight of objects and then compared this to their mass.

In Maths, we set up an experiment to test whether the height of a ramp impacted the distance a toy car would travel. We presented our data as a line graph.

We used a range of media in Art to create publications of our Poems from Literacy.

The children worked collaboratively in Maths this week to solve multi-step problems.

This week we started a new unit in Numeracy - Addition and Subtraction. The children took part in various 'active maths' challenges that involved using both mental and written methods to solve calculations.

Year 5 had a visit from Sea Dream this week. The focus was climate change and the children made their own universal indicator and learned about how ocean currents transport plastics around the world.

STEMfest Aquarium trip

Taking cuttings of plants in Science when learning about Asexual Reproduction

Move and Learn Project