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Foundation Stage 1




Teacher: Mrs Kempe 

Teaching Assistants: Miss Gregson, Miss Somerset, Miss White and Mrs Batterson


Welcome to the exciting start of your child’s learning journey at Leigham


Mrs Kempe, Miss Gregson, Miss Somerset, Miss White and Mrs Batterson are eager to begin this term with your children!


Over the next couple of months, we will witness your children settle into new routines, begin building lovely friendships and start their journey in becoming independent learners. We have a small number of returning Nursery children who we can’t wait to see! It has been a LONG time since some of them have been in school, but hopefully, they are as excited to come back as we are!


Our over-arching statement for the Autumn term will be

Lights, Camera, Action!

Over the term, we aim to explore two questions…

Does everyone look like me?

Is everyone four?


Using some carefully selected well-known stories, the children will explore their ‘uniqueness’ while developing an appreciation for other people. We know that children are more likely to engage with their learning if presented with meaningful contexts and a keen interest in the subject matter. Therefore, staff remain open on the path we take to explore new concepts and skills.




Key statements for this term: 

Key statements for this term (including child friendly version):


Communication and Language (CL)

Pay attention to more than one thing at a time, which can be difficult (3-4 years)

Sing a large repertoire of songs (3-4 years)

I look up when an adult calls my name during play

I am beginning to join in when singing songs


Personal, Social and Emotional Development (PSED)

Remember rules without needing an adult to remind them (3-4 years)

I am beginning to make the right choice in my behaviour


Physical Development (PD)

Use large-muscle movements to wave flags and streamers, paint and make marks (3-4 years)

Choose the right resources to carry out their own plan. For example, choosing a spade to enlarge a small hole they dug with a trowel (3-4 years)

Show a preference for a dominant hand (3-4 years)

I can use large-muscle movements to wave flags and streamers

I am beginning to learn what equipment to use safely for what task.

I am beginning to hold my crayons so I can squiggle


Mathematics (M)

Develop fast recognition of up to three objects, without having to count them individually (‘subitising’) (3-4 years)

Recite numbers past five (3-4 years)

I can say “one, two, three” when touching the objects

I am beginning to count to five, saying “one, two, three, four, five”


Literacy (L)

Engage in extended conversations about stories, learning new vocabulary (3-4 years)

Understand the key concept; page sequencing (3-4 years)

I can talk with an adult about the book I have just shared

I am learning to turn the pages in the right direction


Understanding the World (UW)

Begin to make sense of their own life-story and family’s history (3-4 years)

Show interest in different occupations (3-4 years)

I can tell you about my family and who lives in my house

I am beginning to learn who helps us in school


Expressive Arts and Design (EAD)

Listen with increased attention to sounds (3-4 years)

Remember and sing entire songs (3-4 years)

I can listen to different sounds

I can sing a simple song


You should now have received details, via email, about logging onto Tapestry. Tapestry is an excellent platform for sharing learning from home and in the nursery.


Don't forget book bags are needed EVERY Wednesday. If your child wants the opportunity to become the 'Reading Champion', please upload 'book experiences' on Tapestry by Tuesday evening of that week!


Staff are always willing to discuss ways in which you can help your child at home. Feel free to ask if you are in need of some inspiration or ideas about a certain area of learning!