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Year 5

The Year 5 teaching team consists of:

Mr Wren and Miss O'Carroll

Mrs Tickle, Mrs Smith, Miss Lester, Mrs Horne and Mrs Damerall


Summer Term


This term our Literacy learning will be based on the book, ‘The Time Travelling Cat and the Egyptian Goddess’. We will begin the topic by immersing ourselves in the story and applying our learning to a non-fiction text. This will then help us to write a myth based on the story.



Geometry: Properties of Shape

Geometry: Position and Direction

Measurement: Converting Units

Measures: Volume


Earth and Space





Islam – What does it mean to be a Muslim in Britain today?

Key Objectives

•    Identify and explain Muslim beliefs about God, the Prophet and the Holy Qur’an (e.g. Tawhid; Muhammad as the Messenger, Qur’an as the message)

•    Describe ways in which Muslim sources of authority guide Muslim living (e.g. Qur’an guidance on Five Pillars; Hajj practices follow example of the Prophet)

•    Make clear connections between Muslim beliefs and ibadah (e.g. Five Pillars, festivals, mosques, art)

•    Reflect on and articulate what it is like to be a Muslim in Britain today, giving good reasons for their views.


Outdoor Adventurous Activities, Dance, and Athletics



Key learning objectives:

I can explain why I have special relationships with some people and how these relationships help me feel safe and good about myself. I can also explain how my qualities help these relationships.

I can give examples of behaviour in other people that I appreciate and behaviours that I don’t like.

Changing Me

Key learning objectives:

I am able to explain some changes that will happen to my body as I get older and be able to use the correct names for my body parts.

I can explain how boys’ and girls’ bodies change on the inside/outside during the growing up process.

I can explain why looking after myself physically and emotionally is important.

The children will be taught age-appropriate puberty and sex education over the course of this unit. Please contact the office if you would like your child to be withdrawn from the sex education element of the unit. 



Remember our P.E days are:

Monday – Outdoor

Tuesday – Indoor