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Ordering events of Ancient Greece

Active Maths - Measuring objects using a 1m ruler

Magnet Magic! After reading Winnie and the Magic Wand we tried to make our own using our scientific knowledge.

BOOK WEEK - Who persuaded us to read their favourite book?

Book Week 2022: Winnie the Witch and the magic wand! Here we are creating magical spells, potions and art but mostly exploring the magical world of books!

Science -I can plan a fair test.

History - Staters! What were they used for in the Iron Age?

Science - investigating and forces and having fun doing it.

Science - investigating forces

Investigating shadow size


What is dark? - Year 3 investigated that dark is the absence of light.

Colour mixing skills and Stone Age painting

Learning the ukulele (Music)

STONE AGE ART - Drawing Skills (Maple)

STONE AGE ART - drawing skills

SCIENCE - Discovering rocks, observing and grouping

Rocking The Stone Age See, Think, Wonder