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Welcome to Year Four

Welcome to Year Four 1
Welcome to Year Four 2

Parents' Session - Active Learning

Combining two thumb pots to make a pencil holder from clay

Geography and Science in our school garden

Portrait drawings using a filter on photographs of ourselves

The Nethercott Farmers

The Pennywell Farmers

Inspired by the story of After the Storm, the children created creature homes.

Press Printing and Pattern Making

Playdough Fractions

Chocolate Fractions!

Creating tone using colour gradient and textures using varied marks.

Experimenting with materials changing state in Science.

Making scrolls of The Golden Rule in R.E.

Time for hot chocolate and Christmas stories

Using instruments to explore pitch during our science session

Circle Cricket with Mr Guppy.

Practising Jingle Bells in brass.

Sharing our firework safety code with Year One and drawing firework pictures

Making ear funnels to try and hear sounds more clearly during our science lesson

Intra House Tennis Competition with Mr Guppey

Practising our numeracy skills playing maths games

Going on a 'sound walk' during our Science learning

Playing games to help us remember the names of the Roman Gods

Learning about Chronology in History

Making Electrical Circuits

Using brick particles to make paint

Using our paint to create stone age cave paintings

Learning how to play the cornet.