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International Schools Award / Erasmus Projects

The International Dimension


We believe that everybody at Leigham Primary School has the right to learn about and to develop an understanding of the world in which we live; the values and cultures of different societies: the ways in which we are increasingly independent upon one another; and the ways in which we all, as global citizens, can influence the shape and changes in the global economy, environment and society of which we are part.


We aim to...


  • Equip our children for life and work within a 21st century global society and community.
  • Embed a strong global dimension into the learning experiences of all our children. 
  • Create meaningful and exciting opportunities to develop the skills, knowledge and understanding and values and attitudes that will enable members of our school to be active Global Citizens.


Erasmus Projects


Through the Ocean Citizens of the Future project, we are twinned with Ecole Jacquard in Brest, France. Over the last three years, our students have visited France and the students at Ecole Jacquard have been to visit us. The students have thoroughly enjoyed building relationships with our French partners. 


The Ocean Citizens of the Future project aims to strengthen the children's understanding of maritime culture, expose them to potential career avenues linked to the ocean and develop their sense of responsibility for our oceans. As well as visiting France, the children have had many opportunities to develop as ocean citizens through their interaction with external visitors such as Conrad Humphreys (ocean racing skipper) and Professor Richard Thompson (leading marine biologist). Several of our children are now keen activists in the global issue of plastic in the ocean.


Whilst in France, the children have: presented to international audiences about the issue of plastic in the ocean, studied at the biggest aquarium in Europe (Oceanopolis), learnt about the French education system and culture, spent time on Il De Batz… the list is endless! It has been an invaluable experience.


We have just commenced a new project with Denmark and Spain.


Our Partner Schools


Ecole Jacquard (France)

Kattegatskollen (Denmark)

O Cruse (Spain)

Ocean Citizens of the Future

Our children at Leigham Primary School presented their learning about Plastic in the Ocean on an international stage.