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In English, during Key Stage 1 pupils learn to speak confidently and listen to what others have to say. They begin to read and write independently and with enthusiasm. They use language to explore their own experiences and imaginary worlds.

Speaking and listening: during Key Stage 1 pupils learn to speak clearly, thinking about the needs of their listeners. They work in small groups and as a class, joining in discussions and making relevant points. They also learn how to listen carefully to what other people are saying, so that they can remember the main points. They learn to use language in imaginative ways and express their ideas and feelings when working in role and in drama activities.

Reading: during Key Stage 1 pupils' interest and pleasure in reading is developed as they learn to read confidently and independently. They focus on words and sentences and how they fit into whole texts. They work out the meaning of straightforward texts and say why they like them or do not like them.

Writing: during Key Stage 1 pupils start to enjoy writing and see the value of it. They learn to communicate meaning in narrative and non-fiction texts and spell and punctuate correctly.

Phonics: Pupils follow the 'Letters and Sounds' Programme.

Please see the links below to the high frequency words lists.



In English, during Key Stage 2 pupils learn to change the way they speak and write to suit different situations, purposes and audiences. They read a range of texts and respond to different layers of meaning in them. They explore the use of language in literary and non-literary texts and learn how language works.

Speaking and listening: during Key Stage 2 pupils learn how to speak in a range of contexts, adapting what they say and how they say it to the purpose and the audience. Taking varied roles in groups gives them opportunities to contribute to situations with different demands. They also learn to respond appropriately to others, thinking about what has been said and the language used.

Reading: during Key Stage 2 pupils read enthusiastically a range of materials and use their knowledge of words, sentences and texts to understand and respond to the meaning. They increase their ability to read challenging and lengthy texts independently. They reflect on the meaning of texts, analysing and discussing them with others.

Writing: during Key Stage 2 pupils develop understanding that writing is both essential to thinking and learning, and enjoyable in its own right. They learn the main rules and conventions of written English and start to explore how the English language can be used to express meaning in different ways. They use the planning, drafting and editing process to improve their work and to sustain their fiction and non-fiction writing

We use 'Letters and Sounds' to plan and teach our phonics sessions.

We are working hard to improve our oracy skills

We use writing target cards to identify our 'next steps'.

Children can become a 'Rainbow Reader' by reading on a regular basis.


Pupils complete the '100 Book Reading Challenge' in Year 5/6.

Year 6 'Learning Detectives' support Literacy activities and support reading groups in Key Stage 1.

Paired reading takes place across year groups.

Book Week 2019

This year, our theme for Book Week was trees.

  • We looked at a range of stories set in forests and woodlands, explored and created tree poems and even found out facts about our tree class names. For instance, did you know that Poplar trees were used to create Roman shields? 
  • Our homework was to create a poster to encourage children to read and winners were selected from each class.
  • We also sent off some entries to the Somerset Literacy Network poetry competition. 
  • We found time during the week to buddy up with another class to share some stories. 
  • We decorated our classroom doors and finished the week by dressing up as our favourite book characters.


From The Stick Man to Robin Hood, what fun we have had this week! 

Book Week Competition Winners

Outdoor Writing Gallery