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Year 1

Welcome to Year 1




Teachers: Mrs Tyers and Mr Smith


Teaching Assistants:

Mrs Outtram, Mrs Aquilina, Mrs Tickle and Miss Dott

Student Teacher: Mr Wren 


Summer Term

Our topic this term is Animals


Key concepts being taught this term:



Reading - Using increased phonics knowledge to decode unfamiliar words. Understanding the use of the prefix 'un' and the suffixes 'ing', 'ed', 'er' and 'est'. Reading plurals of words where 's' and 'es' have been added. When reading and listening to stories, being able to make predictions, use the text to answer questions and relate this to personal experiences. 

Writing - Sequencing sentences to form short narratives and then re-reading to check that it makes sense. Using capital letters, full stops, question marks and exclamation marks to demarcate sentences. Joining words and clauses using the conjunction 'and'. Spelling the days of the week and common exception words. Using cursive writing for lower case letters and forming capital letters.

Genres - Poetry, letters, play scripts, labels, lists and captions. 



Place Value - One more and one less within one hundred, ordering numbers to one hundred, using Tens and Ones to partition numbers, understanding the pattern of the numbers on a hundred square.

The Four Operations - Reinforcing addition and subtraction, learning number bond facts to twenty, solving number problems using missing numbers e.g. 7 = ? - 9. Reinforcing multiples of two, five and ten. Introducing multiplication and division using objects, pictures and arrays in the form of repeated groups.

Fractions - Finding a half and a quarter of a set of objects and shapes. 

Geometry - Recognising and naming 3D shapes. Describing position, direction and movement, including whole, half, quarter and three-quarter turns.

Measurement - Money, recognising and knowing the different denominations of coins and 

                         notes. Time, learning the days of the week and months of the year. Telling the                          time at o'clock and half past.


Learning the main body parts of humans and relating this to our senses. Identifying and naming a variety of common animals including carnivores, herbivores and omnivores. 


Handling data related to pets and animal classification.


Press printing animal markings, chalk drawings of animals, abstract collaborative art inspired by the music 'Carnival of the Animals'.


Listening to the 'Carnival of the Animals' and responding to the moods in music. Exploring different sound sources and changes in dynamics, tempo, duration and pitch. Learning a variety of animal songs. 


3D structures out of straws.


Thinking about where animals live and the importance of climate and landscape.


Describing and comparing artefacts from the past and present.

P.E and Games

Dance (based on animal movements) and athletics.

R.E. and PSHCE

Christianity and Judaism – Celebrations and belonging.


P.E. is on Monday and Wednesday.
Homework is given out on Thursday and is due in on Tuesday.
Common exception words and phonemes are tested on Wednesday

and are given out on Thursday.


Curriculum                Mathletics