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Religious Education

Religious Education

At Leigham Primary School, Religious Education reflects our ethos and aims, making a substantial and distinctive contribution to pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development. The teaching of RE aims to contribute to the development of the pupils' own beliefs and values and to develop their knowledge and understanding of key world religions.

Our key aims are:
1. To give an understanding of the religious, spiritual and moral values of others and for each child to consider thoughtfully their own attitudes, values and beliefs.

2. To develop lively and enquiring minds with a positive wish to learn.
3. To provide a basis for the information of our children's values, attitudes and beliefs.
4. To encourage each child to gain self-understanding, explore their relationships with others and to consider their own place within the local community and wider world.
Sometimes we are lucky enough to have visitors come into our school to explain different aspects of their beliefs.

Year 4 welcomed Mrs Hobbs into their classes as she talked to them about how she became a Christian and they ways in which her faith influences her life.
Una Blackmore told us about the Jewish festival of Yom Kippur, a special time each year when Jews say sorry for things they have done wrong during the previous year. It includes a time of prayer and fasting and ends with a special meal.
Mike talked to us about the work of Shekinah Mission in Plymouth, a Christian run organisation which helps the homeless and others who are socially excluded in practical ways such as providing food, washing facilities and health care.
Rev. Rob Jones, the Baptist Minister at Christchurch in Estover, came and talked to us about friendship and kind ways to use our hands.
When Year 2 were learning about festivals of light, Louise came and taught them about the Jewish festival of Hanukkah. It was very special to be able to light the menorah, or hanukiah, and to say the special prayer that Jewish ladies always say when they light it.
Year 2 enjoyed learning a song about dreidel before having a go at playing the game themselves.