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Welcome to Leigham Primary School and Nursery ...Creating curious, confident learners

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Picture 1 Practising number formation
Picture 2 Careful counting
Picture 3 Using our gross motor skills to construct
Picture 4 Exploring full and empty
Picture 5 Using our imagination to 'bake' and create
Picture 6 Using the touch table to solve maths problems
Picture 7 Measuring using natural materials
Picture 1 Practising the letters learnt ih phonics.
Picture 2 Building houses.
Picture 3 Ordering the characters from the story.
Picture 4 Retelling the story.
Picture 1 Working together to explore the Beebots.
Picture 2 Setting ourselves a challenge.
Picture 3 Exploring colour mixing.
Picture 4 Practising our name writing.
Picture 5 Being brave!
Picture 6 Going under obstacles safely.
Picture 1 Sorting our new phonic sounds
Picture 2 Exploring full and empty
Picture 3 We are going on a bug hunt!
Picture 1 Collaborative building and role play.
Picture 2 Careful counting and matching to numeral.
Picture 3 Practising our pre cursive name writing.
Picture 4 Looking for and describing where we found bugs.
Picture 1 Fine motor skills to create our own ladybirds
Picture 2 Retelling the story of 'What the Ladybird Heard'
Picture 3 Using & exploring 'youpaint' to draw farm animals
Picture 1 Practising our careful counting.
Picture 2 Listening walk to see what we could hear.
Picture 3 Learning to name write with pre cursive letters.
Picture 4 Using our noticing skills.
Picture 5 More finger gym to build our fine motor muscles.
Picture 1 Practicing our pouring skills
Picture 2 Learning how to share and play with new friends
Picture 3 Acting in our role play
Picture 4 Imaginative play
Picture 5 Crafting and creating
Picture 1 Exploring the craft resources.
Picture 2 Developing our friendships.
Picture 3 Using tweezers to help our fine motor control.
Picture 4 Threading for our hand-eye co-ordination.