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International Schools Award

The International Dimension


We believe that everybody at Leigham Primary School has the right to learn about and to develop an understanding of the world in which we live; the values and cultures of different societies: the ways in which we are increasingly independent upon one another; and the ways in which we all, as global citizens, can influence the shape and changes in the global economy, environment and society of which we are part.


We aim to...


  • Equip our children for life and work within a 21st century global society and community.
  • Embed a strong global dimension into the learning experiences of all our children. 
  • Create meaningful and exciting opportunities to develop the skills, knowledge and understanding and values and attitudes that will enable members of our school to be active Global Citizens.


  • Seek opportunities to engage with a range of partners around the world.


Laxmi Lower Secondary School, Kaski, Nepal.

Bedu Addo Methodist Primary School, Takoradi, Ghana

Ecole Primaire De Chaintrix, France.


  • build strong community cohesion at a local, national and global level.
  • nurture positive attitudes so that engagement with other cultures and communities is viewed as a possitive, enjoyable and worthwhile thing to provide opportunities to learn to learn Modern Languages and to explore the cultures and traditions of the of the principle countries in which they are spoken.